Exam Exemption Policy

First Semester Exams

Only seniors that meet the following requirements may be exempt from first semester exams:  5 Absences per class allowed - 93-100 (A) - 5 Morning tardies

15 Absences per class allowed - 93-100 (A) average - 10 morning tardies ~~ 10 absences per class allowed - 85-92 (B) - 10 morning tardies.

Any student caught cheating in a class must take ALL exams.

Any student with 8 or more detention hall offenses must take all exams.

Any student who receives a suspension during the year must take all exams.

Exam exemption is based on the current semester average.

Note: All absences,whether excused or unexcused, count against exam exemption allowance, exception: SENIORS are allowed up to two (2) college visitations and if proper procedures are followed, will not count against exam exemption.