Halifax Academy Student Checkout Procedures

Elementary School Checkout Procedures

All students in grades K-5 who need to leave school during the hours of 8:20 am and 3:05 pm should bring a note from home specifying the reason for the absence. The note should be given to his/her teacher. The student's parent/guardian should check in at the front office to complete a release form and then pick up the child from his/her classroom.

Middle and High School Checkout Procedures

All students in grades 6-12 who leave school between the hours of 8:15 am and 3:15 pm must sign out in the front office. Students must have parental permission or permission from the Headmaster or Assistant Headmaster to sign out. Notes giving permission for the student to leave campus, along with a reason they are leaving,should be turned in to the assistant Headmaster between 8:15-8:40 am on the day the student plans to leave. The student must sign out in the front office and sign back in upon returning to campus. Students returning to school or coming in late must see the assistant Headmaster to obtain an admittance slip. This must be done before the student returns to class. Failure to use proper sign in/out procedures may result in suspension.